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phArgTable.h File Reference

Detailed Description

This file declares the phArgTable class which is used for simple command line parsing. This has all the defines and prototypes for accessing the phArgTable functionality.

Add XML/Config file loading?

Make this a more generic interface where the phArgTable class parses parameters without the pointer variable. Just use a getArg("foo") method

Definition in file phArgTable.h.

#include <phStandard.h>
#include <phObject.h>

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class  phArgTable
 The phArgTable class is used to parse command line arguments. This class is used to set up a table that maps command line switches to variables within a program. The parsing process is:
  • create a phArgTable object,
  • add a series of <switch string, parameter storage pointer, value type> tuples to the list by calling phArgTable::add
  • and then call the parse method to fill in the values of the variables.


#define phARG_CHAR   0
#define phARG_INT   1
#define phARG_UINT   2
#define phARG_LONG   3
#define phARG_ULONG   4
#define phARG_BOOL   5
#define phARG_FUNC   6
#define phARG_INT32   7
#define phARG_UINT32   8
#define phARG_INT16   9
#define phARG_UINT16   10
#define phARG_INT8   11
#define phARG_UINT8   12
#define phARG_FLOAT   13
#define phARG_DOUBLE   14
#define phARG_MAX   14
#define phARG_MIN   0


typedef void(* ph_argtable_funcptr )(void)
typedef argument_table_t argument_table_struct

Copyright (C) 2002 - 2007 Philip D.S. Thoren ( )
University Of Massachusetts at Lowell
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