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cv_houghLines2_Filter Class Reference

#include <cv_houghLines2_Filter.h>

Inheritance diagram for cv_houghLines2_Filter:

phFilter phMutex phObject List of all members.

Detailed Description

This filter wraps the OpenCV cvHoughLines2 function. See the documentation for cvHoughLines2 at:

Definition at line 58 of file cv_houghLines2_Filter.h.

Public Member Functions

 cv_houghLines2_Filter (phHoughMethod method=phHoughProbalistic, int draw_lines=0, double dRho=1, double dTheta=0.0174532925, int threshold=80, double param1=30, double param2=10)
 ~cv_houghLines2_Filter ()
int set (phHoughMethod method, int draw_lines, double dRho, double dTheta, int threshold, double param1, double param2)
int setMethod (phHoughMethod method)
int setDrawLines (int draw_lines)
int setRho (double dRho)
int setTheta (double dTheta)
int setThreshold (int threshold)
int setParam1 (double param1)
int setParam2 (double param2)
int get (phHoughMethod *method, int *draw_lines, double *dRho, double *dTheta, int *threshold, double *param1, double *param2)
phHoughMethod getMethod ()
int getDrawLines ()
double getRho ()
double getTheta ()
int getThreshold ()
double getParam1 ()
double getParam2 ()
phFiltercloneFilter ()
phHoughDatagetLiveHoughData ()
phHoughDatagetOutput ()

Protected Member Functions

int filter ()

Private Attributes

phHoughMethod m_method
int m_draw_lines
uint32_t m_lines_size
uint32_t m_line_count
uint32_t m_lastDepth
uint32_t m_lastWidth
uint32_t m_lastHeight
void * m_cv_input
void * m_cv_gray
void * m_cv_temp
void * m_storage
double m_dRho
double m_dTheta
int m_threshold
double m_param1
double m_param2

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