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phAvcodecSource Class Reference
[Capture and Acquisition]

#include <phAvcodecSource.h>

Inheritance diagram for phAvcodecSource:

phImageCapture phCaptureInterface phThread phCondition phMutex phObject List of all members.

Detailed Description


Definition at line 49 of file phAvcodecSource.h.

Public Member Functions

 phAvcodecSource (char *deviceName=NULL)
 ~phAvcodecSource ()
int setFps (int fps)
int getFps ()
int setDelay (int delay)
int getDelay ()
int setLoop (int loop)
int getLoop ()
virtual int onApplySettings ()
virtual int isOpen ()

Protected Member Functions

int resetInfo ()
int freeInfo ()
void calculateRates ()
int openStream (int quiet=0)
int openCodec ()
int openBuffers ()
int closeStream ()
int closeCodec ()
int closeBuffers ()
virtual int open (char *deviceName)
virtual int close ()
virtual int run ()
virtual int cleanup ()

Protected Attributes

phAvcodecSourceInfo m_info
int m_device_fd
int m_is_open
int m_stream_open
int m_codec_open
int m_buffers_open
int m_user_fps
int m_user_delay
int m_loop

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