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int phArgTable::add const char *  switch_string,
void *  pointer,
int  type

This adds a node to the argument parsing list to create a command line switch to parse when parse is called.

[in] switch_string The text of the switch
[in,out] pointer A pointer to the memory location where a parsed argument will be stored if type corresponds to a normal type: int, char *, unsigned int, etc. If the parameter is a function pointer then the function will be called when switch string is encountered.
[in] type The type of argument being parsed. The pointer argument type should correspond with this argument. Valid values for this parameter are the following:
  • phARG_CHAR
  • phARG_INT
  • phARG_UINT
  • phARG_LONG
  • phARG_BOOL
  • phARG_FUNC
  • phARG_INT32
  • phARG_UINT32
  • phARG_INT16
  • phARG_UINT16
  • phARG_INT8
  • phARG_UINT8

Definition at line 579 of file phArgTable.cpp.

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