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phPipeline Class Reference
[Phission SystemThread Safe]

#include <phPipeline.h>

Inheritance diagram for phPipeline:

phThread phCondition phMutex phObject List of all members.

Detailed Description

The pipeline class is the main processing thread within the Phission system. phFilter classes are added to a phPipeline and are processed in the order in which there were added.

Add the following functionality to 'phPipeline' class

Definition at line 73 of file phPipeline.h.

Public Member Functions

 phPipeline ()
 ~phPipeline ()
int setInputImage (phImage &newImage)
int copyOutputImage (phImage &copyto)
const phImagegetInputImage ()
const phImagegetOutputImage ()
int add (phFilter *filter)
int remove (phFilter *filter)
int empty ()
int query (phFilter *filter)
int enableTiming ()
int disableTiming ()
int isTimingEnabled ()
phTimeStamp runtime ()
phTimeStamp averageRuntime ()
uintmax_t averageSamples ()
int resetAverage ()
int runFilters (int32_t use_input_image=phPipeline_Decide)
int print ()
int isPipelineActive ()
int startPipeline ()
int stopPipeline ()
phLiveObjectgetLiveSourceOutput ()
int setLiveSourceInput (phLiveObject *img)
phLiveObjectgetOutput ()
int setInput (phLiveObject *img)

Protected Member Functions

virtual int wakeup ()
virtual int run ()

Private Member Functions

int generateFilterArray ()
int checkSignals ()
int applyRuntime (phTimeStamp &runtime)

Private Attributes

phImage m_inputImage
phImage m_outputImage
phSemaphore m_liveSourceSignal
phImage m_workspaceImage
phImage m_originalImage
uint32_t m_filterCount
phFilter ** m_filterArray
phObjectList m_filters
phSemaphore m_generateSignal
phMutex m_timeLock
phTimeStamp m_runtime
phTimeStamp m_averageRuntime
double m_total_nsec
uintmax_t m_averageSamples
int m_do_timing
int m_timingEnabled
phSemaphore m_timingEnabledSignal

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