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phFilter Class Reference
[Phission SystemThread Safe]

#include <phFilter.h>

Inheritance diagram for phFilter:

phMutex phObject add_Filter autoblob_Filter ave_Filter average_Filter blob_Filter blobify_Filter block_Filter brightness_Filter callout_Filter canny_Filter convert_Filter crop_Filter cv_canny_Filter cv_empty_Filter cv_houghLines2_Filter ddimage_Filter draw_Filter drawRect_Filter empty_Filter gaussian3x3_Filter gaussianBlur_Filter graphSegmentation_Filter graphSegmentation_Filter grayScale_Filter histogram_Filter hsvsegment_Filter hsvthreshold_Filter inverse_Filter invert_Filter invert_Filter key_matte_threshold_Filter key_matte_threshold_Filter mask_Filter maskBottom_Filter match_Filter meanBlur_Filter meanNxN_Filter medianBlur_Filter medianNxN_Filter motion_Filter original_Filter resize_Filter scale_Filter setPlane_Filter sobel3x3_Filter sobel_Filter subtract_Filter superRGB_Filter swapPlanes_Filter threshold_Filter List of all members.

Detailed Description


Definition at line 40 of file phFilter.h.

Public Member Functions

 phFilter (const char *name)
virtual ~phFilter ()
virtual phFiltercloneFilter ()=0
int setWorkspace (phImage *workspaceImage)
int setOriginal (phImage *originalImage)
int resetImage ()
int enable ()
int disable ()
uint32_t isEnabled ()
int process ()
phLiveObjectgetLiveSourceOutput ()

Protected Member Functions

int setFilterVars ()
virtual int filter ()=0
virtual int assignMonitorSource ()
int updateMonitorOutput ()
uint32_t queryFormat ()
int verifyFormat (uint32_t format)

Protected Attributes

uint32_t m_format
uint32_t m_filterEnabled
uint32_t width
uint32_t height
uint32_t depth
uint32_t format
phImage m_monitorOutput

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