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phStdint.h File Reference

Detailed Description

This defines the Standard Integer Types if they aren't defined or stdint.h isn't available on the current platform. Otherwise this includes stdint.h

Definition in file phStdint.h.

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#define INT32_MAX   2147483647


typedef signed char int8_t
typedef signed short int16_t
typedef signed int int32_t
typedef signed long long int64_t
typedef unsigned char uint8_t
typedef unsigned short uint16_t
typedef unsigned int uint32_t
typedef unsigned long long uint64_t
typedef signed char int_least8_t
typedef signed short int_least16_t
typedef signed int int_least32_t
typedef signed long long int_least64_t
typedef unsigned char uint_least8_t
typedef unsigned short uint_least16_t
typedef unsigned int uint_least32_t
typedef unsigned long long uint_least64_t
typedef signed char int_fast8_t
typedef signed int int_fast16_t
typedef signed int int_fast32_t
typedef signed long long int_fast64_t
typedef unsigned char uint_fast8_t
typedef unsigned int uint_fast16_t
typedef unsigned int uint_fast32_t
typedef unsigned long long uint_fast64_t
typedef long long intmax_t
typedef unsigned long long uintmax_t

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