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phHistogramData Class Reference
[Data Classes]

#include <phHistogramData.h>

Inheritance diagram for phHistogramData:

phLiveObject phMutex phObject List of all members.

Detailed Description

The Historgram Data object output from the histogram_Filter

Move all the definitions to the source file

return an upper threshold and lower threshold

Make a type that holds a color, lower threshold, upper threshold

add example application code that shows how the processed images were output

add example image inputs and processed image outputs

Definition at line 164 of file phHistogramData.h.

Public Member Functions

 phHistogramData ()
 ~phHistogramData ()
 phHistogramData (const phHistogramData &hist)
int copy (phObject *copyto_obj)
int swap (phObject *obj)
int setData (uint32_t binCount, uint32_t binStep, uint32_t *binVal, uint32_t *binCnt)
int setData (uint32_t binCount, uint32_t binStep, phColor maxbin_color, phColor maxbin_threshold, phColor color, phColor threshold, uint32_t *binVal, uint32_t *binCnt, uint32_t *binAvg, uint32_t *maxBin, uint32_t *maxAvg, uint32_t *maxCnt)
int copy (phHistogramData &copyfrom)
int setColor (phColor color)
int setThreshold (phColor threshold)
uint32_t getBinCount ()
uint32_t getBinStep ()
uint32_t getDepth ()
phColor getMaxBinColor ()
phColor getMaxBinThreshold ()
phColor getColor ()
phColor getThreshold ()
uint32_tgetBinCntArray ()
uint32_tgetBinValArray ()
uint32_tgetBinAvgArray ()
uint32_tgetMaxBin ()
uint32_tgetMaxAvgArray ()
uint32_tgetMaxArray ()
phHistogramDataoperator= (phHistogramData &right)
phHistogramDataoperator+= (phHistogramData &right)
phHistogramDataoperator-= (phHistogramData &right)
int setImageHeight (uint32_t height)
int autoGenerateImage (uint32_t height=0)
int generateImage (uint32_t height=0)
phImagegetImage ()
void print_data ()
void print_stats ()
int save (const char *filename, int overwrite=0)
int load (const char *filename)

Private Member Functions

void init ()
int updateFromBins ()

Private Attributes

uint32_t m_binCount
uint32_t m_binStep
uint32_t m_binElems
phColor m_maxbin_color
phColor m_maxbin_threshold
phColor m_color
phColor m_threshold
uint32_t m_binVal_size
uint32_t m_binCnt_size
uint32_t m_binAvg_size
uint32_t m_maxAvg_size
uint32_t m_maxCnt_size
uint32_t m_maxBin_size
phImage m_image
uint32_t m_image_height

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