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phNodeComm Class Reference

#include <phNodeComm.h>

Inheritance diagram for phNodeComm:

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Detailed Description

Definition at line 38 of file phNodeComm.h.

Public Member Functions

 phNodeComm (int id=-1, int other_id=-1, int port=0, char *host=NULL, int type=-1, phLamportSystem *system=NULL)
virtual ~phNodeComm ()
int setPort (int port=0)
int getPort ()
int setConnectionType (int type=phNodeController_Connector)
int getConnectionType ()
int setHost (char *host)
char * getHost ()
int setId (int id)
int getId ()
int setOtherSideId (int other_side_id)
int getOtherSideId ()
int setConnected (int connected)
int isConnected ()
int setSystem (phLamportSystem *system)
phLamportSystemgetSystem ()
phSocketgetSocket ()
virtual int run ()
virtual int wakeup ()
virtual int cleanup ()
virtual int error ()

Private Member Functions

int Waiter ()
int Connector ()
int comm_loop ()

Private Attributes

int m_port
int m_type
char * m_host
int m_host_size
int m_id
int m_other_side_id
int m_buffer_size
int m_connected

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