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phDisplayInterface Class Reference
[Phission SystemDisplayThread Safe]

#include <phDisplayInterface.h>

Inheritance diagram for phDisplayInterface:

phThread phCondition phMutex phObject FLDisplay GDIDisplay NetDisplay SDLDisplay X11Display List of all members.

Detailed Description


add fitToImage

Definition at line 43 of file phDisplayInterface.h.

Public Member Functions

 phDisplayInterface (uint32_t width=0, uint32_t height=0, char *title=NULL)
virtual ~phDisplayInterface ()
virtual int open (uint32_t width=0, uint32_t height=0, char *title=NULL)
virtual int close ()
virtual int show ()
virtual int hide ()
virtual int resize (uint32_t w, uint32_t h)
virtual int move (int32_t x, int32_t y)
virtual int isOpen ()
int unpause ()
int pause ()
int isPaused ()
virtual int set (uint32_t width, uint32_t height, const char *title=NULL)
virtual int setTitle (const char *title)
virtual const char * getTitle ()
virtual int setWidth (uint32_t width)
virtual int setHeight (uint32_t height)
virtual uint32_t getWidth ()
virtual uint32_t getHeight ()
virtual phUSize getSize ()
virtual int32_t getX ()
virtual int32_t getY ()
virtual phPoint getLocation ()
phImageWindowgetImageWindow ()
int isLiveSourceSet ()
phLiveObjectgetLiveSourceInput ()
virtual int setLiveSourceInput (phLiveObject *img)
int setInput (phLiveObject *input)
int setLiveInput (phLiveObject *input)

Protected Member Functions

virtual int run ()
virtual int wakeup ()
virtual int cleanup ()
virtual int error ()

Protected Attributes

int m_paused
phMutex m_pause_lock
phSemaphore m_refresh_done_sem
phSemaphore m_cleanup_sem
phMutex m_spawn_lock

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