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superRGB_Filter Class Reference
[Image Processing FiltersUtilitySingle Frame]

#include <superRGB_Filter.h>

Inheritance diagram for superRGB_Filter:

phFilter phMutex phObject List of all members.

Detailed Description

Threshold the regions of greatest Red, Green or Blue color values within an image.

Lets say you wanted to filter for red, if you were to just look at the red component and filter any color that has a red value over 180, for instance, then any white pixel will be filtered as a red pixel because white has a red value of 255. What superRGB_Filter does, is subtract out the secondary colors from the main color. Therefore, if you want to filter for red, then green and blue values get subtracted from the red value resulting in an overall value from 0-255. superRGB_Filter is only for red, green and blue (the three primary colors). The overall pixel value for the channel will be between 0-255 so you have the ability to match for how red, green, or blue you want an object.

Supports the following formats:

add example image inputs and processed image outputs

add example application code that shows how the processed images were output


Definition at line 77 of file superRGB_Filter.h.

Public Member Functions

 superRGB_Filter (int32_t inChannel=-1, int32_t outChannel=-1)
 ~superRGB_Filter ()
int set (int32_t inChannel, int32_t outChannel)
phFiltercloneFilter ()

Protected Member Functions

int filter ()

Private Attributes

int32_t m_inChannel
int32_t m_outChannel
uint32_t m_lighten
uint32_t m_ci_size
float * m_mult
uint32_t m_mult_size

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