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void phRGBX_XBGR_to_GREY8_LUMINANCE uint32_t  nelems,
uint8_t  d,
uint8_t  order,
uint8_t  offset,
uint8_t src,
uint8_t **  dst,
uint32_t pdstsize

This uses a luminance conversion to convert the data from RGBX/XBGR to GREY SCALE (8 bits)

X denotes 4 byte and 3 byte conformance. Meaning that both RGB, RGBA (and vice versa) are both compatible.

if *dst == NULL, this function failed

[in] nelems The number of pixel elements in the image. This is usually the image width times the image height.
[in] d The input depth(bytes)/number of channels of the RGB format
[in] order The order of the RGB chanels: 0=RGBX, 1=XBGR. This combined with the offset allows for a few variations of the pixel channels. For example: order=1, offset=1, od=4 is the ABGR format.
[in] offset A byte value offset into each pixel at which the RGB channels start. For example, ABGR has an offset of one.
[in] src The source of the RGB image data
[out] dst The destination of the converted data
[out] pdstsize The size of the allocated (possibly resized) dst buffer.

Definition at line 945 of file ImageConversions.c.

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