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void phGREY8_to_YUV9_ex uint32_t  w,
uint32_t  h,
uint8_t src,
uint8_t **  dst,
uint32_t pdstsize

This is very simple, the Y in YUV is the intensity value that is being calculated the rouchly the same way GREY8's luminance value is calculated. So here we just copy the greyscale data into a piece of memory that is the right size for YUV9 formatted data with the U and V set to 0 by phCalloc

[in] width The width of the image
[in] height The height of the image
[in] src The source of the YUV image data
[out] dst The destination of the converted data
[out] pdstsize The size of the allocated (possibly resized) dst buffer.

Definition at line 866 of file ImageConversions.c.

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