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int ph_image_convert uint32_t  width,
uint32_t  height,
uint8_t data,
uint8_t **  dst,
uint32_t dst_size,
uint32_t dst_format,
uint32_t  in_format,
uint32_t  out_format,
int32_t conversion_type

The following functions are used to encapsulate conversions from one format to another. This allows any code using the conversion routines to maintain simple code for converting from any format to another. This method is called from within the phImage class to perform conversions on the data encapsulated by the phImage class.

[in] width 
[in] height 
[in,out] data 
[out] dst If the data conversion isn't performed in place, then the data will be copied to this returned buffer. If the dst pointer had a value prior to this function call, the value will remain unchanged if dst_size contained a value for the desired buffer size.
[out] dst_size If the data conversion isn't performed in place the the size of the dst buffer will be returned through this variable. If this already had a value prior to the function call, the value remains unchanged if the size of the dst buffer is unchanged.
[out] dst_format If
[in] in_format 
[in] out_format This is
[in,out] conversion_type This will contain a value for the type of conversion that took place.

Definition at line 210 of file ImageConversions.c.

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