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Pixel Manipulation Filters
[Image Processing Filters]

Detailed Description

A Pixel Manipulation filter is any filter whose scope of operation and comparison is mainly within an individual pixel. The brightness_Filter, threshold_Filter and hsvthreshold_Filter are three filters which reside in the filter group of Pixel Manipulation. Each one of these filters looks at one or all of the channels within a pixel and performs an operation on the individual pixel's channels only. It does this for all the pixels but it doesn't look across pixel boundaries to make decisions.

It might seem that other filters should belong in this group that aren't in this group (any blur filter, etc.) because they also manipulate the values of pixels. This filter group is reserved to a minimum set of filters whose decision to adjust a channel value or not is limited to the knowledge obtained within the pixel scope of an image. The blurring/convolution filters look at a minimum of 8 different other pixels before changing the value of one pixel.

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class  brightness_Filter
class  hsvthreshold_Filter
class  inverse_Filter
class  swapPlanes_Filter
class  threshold_Filter

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