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phConditionCounter.h File Reference

#include <phStandard.h>
#include <phCondition.h>

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class  phConditionCounter
 This is a Condition Counter class that allows for threads to block while waiting for a specific value setting. Threads will call phConditionCounter::waitForValue with a value parameter and a conditional operation choice to compare the passed value with the counter value. In order to provide the condition variable functionality, this class inherits from the phCondition class. The phConditionCounter::waitForValue method is a convenience because it simplifies the code at higher levels when a specific value is desired where hard looping or sleeping will impact performance. The waiting doesn't return until the condition is met whereas phConditon will return whenever the condition is signaled. More...


#define phCHECK_NOT_EQUAL   (1<<0)
#define phCHECK_EQUAL   (1<<1)
#define phCHECK_GREATER_THAN   (1<<2)
#define phCHECK_LESS_THAN   (1<<3)
#define phCHECK_E   phCHECK_EQUAL
#define phConditionCounter_WAKEUP   (-2)

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