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int phStringCopy const char *  string,
const uint32_t  maxlen,
char **  copy,
uint32_t copy_size,
char *  default_str

A custom implementation of a string copying function.

[in] string The string to be copied into copy
[in] maxlen The maximum length of the copy buffer. If maxlen is zero, then no bounds are placed on the copy buffer.
[in,out] copy The copy buffer. If the value of *copy isn't NULL, then it is assumed the buffer points to valid memory. If *copy points to valid memory then copy_size should have the size in bytes of that block of memory.
[in,out] copy_size The size of the copy buffer. If the copy buffer isn't NULL, this should (upon calling the function) contain a value that corresponds to the size of the copy buffer. When the function returns, the copy_size parameter will have the size in bytes of the copy buffer.
[in] default_str In the case that 'string' is a NULL string, then the string passed as the default_str parameter will be copied into the copy buffer.

Definition at line 143 of file phStandard.cpp.

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