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threshold_Filter Class Reference
[Image Processing FiltersUtilityPixel Manipulation Filters]

#include <threshold_Filter.h>

Inheritance diagram for threshold_Filter:

phFilter phMutex phObject List of all members.

Detailed Description

Threshold a specific channel within each pixel.

This filter only thresholds one channel (R,G or B for RGB colorspaces / H,S or V for HSV colorspaces). To threshold more than one channel in a color space multiple threshold_Filter instances should be used.

The specific channel value in each pixel is compared to the value parameter. If the channel's value is greater than the value parameter, the value is set to the maximum value for the channel type (255 for 8-bit/uint8_t channels). If the channel's value is less than the value parameter, the value is set to the minimum value for the channel type (0 for 8-bit/uint8_t channels).

Supports the following formats:

Update/upgrade this filter to take a better parameter list (??) or merge it with

add example image inputs and processed image outputs

add example application code that shows how the processed images were output

Definition at line 79 of file threshold_Filter.h.

Public Member Functions

 threshold_Filter (uint32_t channel=0, uint32_t value=0)
 ~threshold_Filter ()
int set (uint32_t channel=0, uint32_t value=0)
phFiltercloneFilter ()

Protected Member Functions

int filter ()

Private Attributes

uint32_t m_channel
uint32_t m_value

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