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Color Types, Definitions, Macros and Functions
[Image Modules]

Detailed Description

TODO. Color types a compared to an image with a special bit set will have unexpected results because the data is in a compressed/special format that isn't raw data.


struct  phColorRGB24_t
struct  phColorBGR24_t
struct  phColorRGBA32_t
struct  phColorABGR32_t
struct  phColorBGRA32_t
struct  phColorYUV9_t
struct  phColorHSV_t
struct  phColorGREY8_t
struct  phColorSCT24_t
struct  phColorArray_t
union  phColor_t


#define phColorTypeArray   0
#define phColorTypeRGB24   1
#define phColorTypeBGR24   2
#define phColorTypeABGR32   3
#define phColorTypeRGBA32   4
#define phColorTypeGREY8   5
#define phColorTypeYUV9   6
#define phColorTypeHSV24   7
#define phColorTypeBGRA32   8
#define phColorTypeSCT24   9
#define phColorCount   10
#define phCOLOR_MAXBYTES   4
#define phCOLOR_MAXELEMS   4


typedef phColorRGB24_t phColorRGB24
typedef phColorBGR24_t phColorBGR24
typedef phColorRGBA32_t phColorRGBA32
typedef phColorABGR32_t phColorABGR32
typedef phColorBGRA32_t phColorBGRA32
typedef phColorYUV9_t phColorYUV9
typedef phColorHSV_t phColorHSV24
typedef phColorGREY8_t phColorGREY8
typedef phColorSCT24_t phColorSCT24
typedef phColorArray_t phColorArray
typedef phColor_t phColor


phColor phColor_new (uint8_t t)
phColor phColor8_new (uint8_t t, uint8_t b)
phColor phColor16_new (uint8_t t, uint8_t b0, uint8_t b1)
phColor phColor24_new (uint8_t t, uint8_t b0, uint8_t b1, uint8_t b2)
phColor phColor32_new (uint8_t t, uint8_t b0, uint8_t b1, uint8_t b2, uint8_t b3)
phColor phColorArray24_new (uint8_t b0, uint8_t b1, uint8_t b2)
phColor phColorArray32_new (uint8_t b0, uint8_t b1, uint8_t b2, uint8_t b3)
phColor phColorRGB24_new (uint8_t r, uint8_t g, uint8_t b)
phColor phColorRGBA32_new (uint8_t r, uint8_t g, uint8_t b, uint8_t a)
phColor phColorBGR24_new (uint8_t b, uint8_t g, uint8_t r)
phColor phColorABGR32_new (uint8_t a, uint8_t b, uint8_t g, uint8_t r)
phColor phColorBGRA32_new (uint8_t b, uint8_t g, uint8_t r, uint8_t a)
phColor phColorYUV9_new (uint8_t y, uint8_t u, uint8_t v)
phColor phColorHSV24_new (uint8_t h, uint8_t s, uint8_t v)
phColor phColorGREY8_new (uint8_t y)
phColor phColorSCT24_new (uint8_t s, uint8_t c, uint8_t t)
uint8_t phColorStringToType (const char *str)
const char * phColorTypeToString (uint8_t type)
uint32_t phColorTypeToFormat (uint8_t type)
uint8_t phColorTypeToDepth (uint8_t type)
const char * phColorToString (const phColor c)
uint32_t phColorToFormat (const phColor c)
uint8_t phColorToDepth (const phColor c)
int phColorEqual (phColor one, phColor two)
int phColorPrint (int fd, phColor color)
int phColorSave (const char *filename, uint32_t num_colors, phColor *colors)
int phColorRead (int fd, uint32_t max_colors, uint32_t *num_colors, phColor **colors)
int phColorLoad (const char *filename, uint32_t max_colors, uint32_t *num_colors, phColor **colors)


char * phColorNames [phColorCount]
uint8_t phColorDepth [phColorCount]

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