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#define phARG_FUNC   6

Call a function of type ph_argtable_funcptr when parsing. This maps a switch to a function. The function is invoked when the switch is present. There should be no parameters passed to the function. It is generally used to call a usage function. For example, supposing the function “void usage()” exists and one would like to call it when the “--help” switch is supplied. The following code would take care of providing for this functionality:

Parameter pointer type: ph_argtable_funcptr

 void usage()
 int main (int argc, char *argv[] )
     phArgTable table;
     rc = table.add(“--help”, (void *)&usage,phARG_FUNC);
     CHECK_RC(rc,NULL,”table.add failed to add –help switch”);

     rc = table.parse(argc,argv);
     //We should never get this far if “--help” is passed on the command line
     //     because usage will be called and it exists the program
     CHECK_RC(rc,NULL,”table.parsed failed”);

     return phSUCCESS;
     return phFAIL;

Definition at line 133 of file phArgTable.h.

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