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Command Line Argument Parsing

Detailed Description



class  phArgTable
 The phArgTable class is used to parse command line arguments. This class is used to set up a table that maps command line switches to variables within a program. The parsing process is:
  • create a phArgTable object,
  • add a series of <switch string, parameter storage pointer, value type> tuples to the list by calling phArgTable::add
  • and then call the parse method to fill in the values of the variables.


#define phARG_CHAR   0
#define phARG_INT   1
#define phARG_UINT   2
#define phARG_LONG   3
#define phARG_ULONG   4
#define phARG_BOOL   5
#define phARG_FUNC   6
#define phARG_INT32   7
#define phARG_UINT32   8
#define phARG_INT16   9
#define phARG_UINT16   10
#define phARG_INT8   11
#define phARG_UINT8   12
#define phARG_FLOAT   13
#define phARG_DOUBLE   14
#define phARG_MAX   14
#define phARG_MIN   0


typedef void(* ph_argtable_funcptr )(void)
typedef argument_table_t argument_table_struct

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