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phObjectList.h File Reference

#include <phStandard.h>
#include <phList.h>

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class  phObjectNode
 The phObjectNode wraps most of the phListNode methods to provide a phObjectNode interface that doesn't require a user to always wrap the phListNode returned pointers to a phObjectNode pointer. The phObjectNode adds methods to set the phObject pointer that is packaged within the node. The autoDelete_on parameter is used to delete the phObjects in the phObjectNodes when delete is called on the phObjectNode. This allows one to add nodes to the list and forget about deleting the objects if it serves the code. Auto-deleting is disabled by default because the common case dictates that a user will add a phObject and then delete that object manually instead of letting the node do it. More...
class  phObjectList
 The phObjectList is a list that operates with phObjectNodes to create a thread-safe list structure for the storage of any class derived from phObject. This class basically wraps around the phList interface but makes adaptations to take phObject pointers as parameters. In addition, a phObjectList::findObject method will determine if a phObject exists in the list for any purpose such as making sure the phObject exists only once in the list. The methods are renamed to include the term Object so that they will not be mistaken for the phList wrapped methods. The phObjectList also handles much of the creation of the phObjectNode containers by taking only a phObject pointer as a parameter. This greatly simplifies higher level code such as the code in phSystem that makes use of this class. If one wishes the nodes in a phObjectNode to always have the auto delete option enabled, the phObjectNode returned from any of the following methods can be used to enabled it: More...

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