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int phAutoBlobData::swap phObject obj  )  [virtual]

This is an empty swap method when it's not overloaded. The phLiveObject provides a mechanism to swap data when new data is available. This helps to reduce the number of copies where ever it's possible to do so. The swap method is similar to the copy method in that the checks should be performed in the overloading child class to check that the object is of a supported class type. In some instances of implementation, it may be more desirable to have phObject::swap call phObject::copy. ( See phLiveObject::disableSwap )

obj The object whose data will be swapped with the current instance of phObject (or whatever inheriting class this instance actually is).
A value denoting the successful swapping of the pointers.
Return values:
phSUCCESS The method succeeded in swapping the internal data.
phFAIL The method failed to swap the internal data.

Reimplemented from phObject.

Definition at line 114 of file phAutoBlobData.cpp.

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