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int phAutoBlobData::copy phObject obj  )  [virtual]

This is an empty copy method when it's not overloaded. These should be overloaded/implemented by any deriving object that really needs the copy facility. The implementation at the phObject level is to just return phSUCCESS. For instance, the phImage class overloads this so that the phLiveObject class can call the method and have the inheriting phImage class copy the relevant data in the proper manner. This allows the phLiveObject to think of the type being copied in an abstract sense and allow any phLiveObject deriving class to work with the phLiveObject mechanisms. The phHistogramData object and phBlobData object also overload phObject::copy and phObject::swap methods to permit copying and swapping of data without knowing the specifics of the data.

The overloaded method can permit different class types, as passed using the copyto_obj parameter, that aren't the same as the current instance. phImage overloads this method and it only permits other phImage objects to be passed in the copyto_obj parameter. However, phImage could be expanded to accept the phHistogramData object, create an image from the histogram data and set copy that image data into the current phImage instance.

copyto_obj The destination of the copied data. This will copy the data from the current instance of the object to the copyto_obj instance of this object.
A value denoting the success of the copy operation.
Return values:
phSUCCESS The copy method succeeded in performing the copy or it didn't fail because the copy method isn't overloaded.
phFAIL The copy method failed to copy.

Reimplemented from phObject.

Definition at line 94 of file phAutoBlobData.cpp.

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