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enum phImageType

The phImageType enum is an enum that could just as well be defines. It specifies format types as bit settings within an interger variable and is passed to many Phission functions as the format specifier. By having the formats specified by the setting of a bit within an integer, it is possible to OR multiple formats together for certain code. For example, specifying a set of valid formats that a filter can handle can be stored in one integer variable. The manner in which formats are denoted within Phission may change to expand the data types allowed; Such as floats, doubles, shorts, etc. The format variable should be a uint32_t variable to keep things standardized somewhat.

phImageRGB24  [byte 0][byte 1][byte 2]...
[ Red ][Green ][ Blue ]
phImageBGR24  [byte 0][byte 1][byte 2]...
[ Blue ][Green ][ Red ]
phImageABGR32  [byte 0][byte 1][byte 2][byte 3]...
[Alpha ][ Blue ][Green ][ Red ]
phImageRGBA32  [byte 0][byte 1][byte 2][byte 3]...
[ Red ][Green ][ Blue ][ Alpha]
phImageGREY8  I: Intensity
Y: Luminance
[byte 0]...
[ Y/I ]
phImageYUV9  [byte 0]...(w*h)..[byte 0]...(w*h/4)..[byte 0]
[ I ] [ U ] [ V ]
phImageHSV24  Hue Saturation Value
[byte 0][byte 1][byte 2]
[ H ][ S ][ V ]
phImageBGRA32  [byte 0][byte 1][byte 2][byte 3]...
[ Blue ][Green ][ Red ][ Alpha]
phImageSCT24  Unsupported due to the 8-bit pixel channel range. Need at least 360 unique values per channel to represent the SCT colorspace and 8-bit channels are only good for 256.
[byte 0][byte 1][byte 2]
[ S ][ C ][ T ]

Definition at line 369 of file ImageDefinitions.h.

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