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phImage Class Reference
[Image ModulesPhission SystemThread Safe]

#include <phImage.h>

Inheritance diagram for phImage:

phDataObject phLiveObject phMutex phObject List of all members.

Detailed Description


Add more image file formats for loading and saving.

Definition at line 58 of file phImage.h.

Public Member Functions

 phImage ()
virtual ~phImage ()
uint32_t getWidth ()
uint32_t getHeight ()
int32_t getFormat ()
int setFormat (uint32_t type)
const uint8_tgetImage ()
int getImage (int8_t image[])
int copy (phObject *copyto_obj)
int swap (phObject *obj)
int getCopy (phImage &data)
int getCopy (uint32_t *w, uint32_t *h, uint32_t *format, uint32_t *s, uint8_t *image[])
int setImage (phImage &image)
int setImage (uint32_t w, uint32_t h, int32_t f, uint32_t s, const uint8_t image[])
int swapImage (phImage &image)
int swapData (phImage &image)
int swapData (uint32_t *w, uint32_t *h, uint32_t *format, uint8_t *image[], uint32_t *psize=NULL)
int allocate (uint32_t w, uint32_t h, uint32_t format)
int reset ()
phImageoperator= (phImage &rightHandSide)
int resize (phImage &original, uint32_t w, uint32_t h, uint32_t algorithm=phResizeNN)
int resize (uint32_t w, uint32_t h, uint32_t algorithm=phResizeNN)
int crop (phImage &original, uint32_t x1, uint32_t y1, uint32_t x2, uint32_t y2)
int crop (uint32_t x1, uint32_t y1, uint32_t x2, uint32_t y2)
int convert (uint32_t to_format, uint32_t force_format=phImageNOFORMAT)
int compress ()
int decompress ()
int isCompressed ()
int setCompressionLevel (int level)
int jpegCompress ()
int jpegDecompress ()
int isJPEGCompressed ()
int setJPEGQuality (int q)
int getJPEGQuality ()
int save (char *filename, phFileType filetype=phFileAuto)
int load (char *filename, phFileType filetype=phFileAuto)

Static Public Member Functions

static int isZlibAvailable ()
static int isJPEGAvailable ()

Protected Member Functions

uint32_t calculateSize (uint32_t w, uint32_t h, int32_t f)
int initConversion ()
int resetConversion ()
int initResize ()
int resetResize ()
int initCrop ()
int resetCrop ()
int initZlibCompression ()
int resetZlibCompression ()
int initJPEGCompression ()
int resetJPEGCompression ()
int initFileSave ()
int resetFileSave ()
phFileType fileTypeFromName (char *filename)
int saveJPEG (char *filename)
int loadJPEG (char *filename)
int savePPM (char *filename)
int loadPPM (char *filename)
int savePPM_old (char *filename)

Protected Attributes

uint32_t m_width
uint32_t m_height
uint32_t m_format
uint32_t m_conv_dst_format
uint32_t m_conv_dstsize
ph_bilinear_table_type m_bilinear_table
ph_nearest_neighbor_table_type m_nn_table
uint32_t m_resize_buf_size
uint32_t m_crop_buf_size
int m_compressed
int m_compress_level
void * m_compress_buffer
uint32_t m_compress_buffer_size
void * m_decompress_buffer
uint32_t m_decompress_buffer_size
int m_jpegCompressed
int m_jpegQuality
void * m_jpegCompress_handle
void * m_jpegCompress_buffer
uint32_t m_jpegCompress_buffer_size
void * m_jpegDecompress_handle
void * m_jpegDecompress_buffer
uint32_t m_jpegDecompress_buffer_size

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