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Vision Classes
[Phission System]

Detailed Description

The vision classes are a layer above the Phission System API. They encapsulate the complete functionality for a full system and perform all the setup & cleanup code necessary. This makes it easier for one to use Phission without needing to know the entire API and all it's possible combinations. The Phission API can thus be considered a lower level middleware layer API and the vision classes create the upper level middleware layer to further prove the usefulness of layering.

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class  phSimpleVision


#define phSimpleVisionOutput_Capture   0
#define phSimpleVisionOutput_Pipeline   1
#define phSVO_Capture   phSimpleVisionOutput_Capture
#define phSVO_Pipeline   phSimpleVisionOutput_Pipeline
#define phSimpleVision_Stopped   1
#define phSimpleVision_Started   2
#define phSimpleVision_Paused   3
#define phSimpleVision_HSV   0
#define phSimpleVision_RGB   1
#define phSimpleVision_NOUPDATE   phLiveObjectNOUPDATE
#define phSimpleVision_UPDATED   phLiveObjectUPDATED
#define phSimpleVision_ADD   1
#define phSimpleVision_SET   2

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