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phANNSystem Class Reference

#include <phANNSystem.h>

List of all members.

Detailed Description

Definition at line 83 of file phANNSystem.h.

Public Member Functions

 phANNSystem (image_data_collection data, int32_t train_flags)
 ~phANNSystem ()
int startup ()
int shutdown ()
int useDisplays (int use=1)
int setBrightnessStep (int step)
int setBrightnessLevel (int level)
uint32_t getInputCount ()
int update ()
int setOutputNodes (const uint32_t n_output_tags, const uint32_t *output_tags)
int setInputImage (char *filename, float ratio, const uint32_t n_outputtags, const uint32_t *output_tags)
int setInputImage (phImage &image, float ratio, const uint32_t n_outputtags, const uint32_t *output_tags)
int setInputImage (char *filename, float ratio)
int setInputImage (phImage &image, float ratio)
int getInputNodes (uint32_t *input_count, uint32_t *input_size, fann_type **pinput_node_values)
int getOutputNodes (uint32_t *output_count, uint32_t *output_size, fann_type **poutput_node_values)
int getNodes (uint32_t *input_count, uint32_t *input_size, fann_type **pinput_node_values, uint32_t *output_count, uint32_t *output_size, fann_type **poutput_node_values)
int getNodes (fann_type **pinput_node_values, fann_type **poutput_node_values)
FILE * openLogFile (const char *prefix, const char *suffix)
int closeLogFile ()
int saveNetwork (const char *prefix, const char *suffix)
int setNetwork (char *ann_startfile)
int setNetwork (float connection_rate, float learning_rate, int32_t training_algorithm, uint32_t num_layers, uint32_t num_hidden)
void print_epoch_info (const char *label, ml_class_stats *stats)
int generateNodes (int preload_images, int generate_random, uint32_t train_set_size, uint32_t test_set_size, uint32_t *ptrain_array_count, uint32_t *ptest_array_count, uint32_t *pinput_array_count, fann_type ***pinput_nodes, fann_type ***prand_input_nodes, uint32_t *poutput_array_count, fann_type ***poutput_nodes, fann_type ***prand_output_nodes)
int train (int preload_images, int use_random, uint32_t train_set_size, uint32_t test_set_size, uint32_t max_epochs, float desired_error, uint32_t start_epoch)
uint32_t nodesToString (fann_type *output_nodes, uint32_t *string_size, char **string)
int classify (const char *input_label, const int input_type, const uint32_t total_files)

Private Member Functions

int allocate ()
int connect_elements ()
int connect_displays ()
int disconnect_displays ()
int pipeline_add (uint32_t index, phFilter *filter)
int add_filters ()
int createNetwork ()
int destroyNetwork ()

Private Attributes

int m_no_displays
int32_t m_flags
uint32_t m_width
uint32_t m_height
uint32_t m_img_inputs
uint32_t m_indiv_inputs
FILE * m_logfp
char * m_logfile
char * m_ann_datafile
image_data_collection m_data
uint32_t m_total_displays
uint32_t m_total_pipelines
uint32_t m_total_histograms
uint32_t m_total_images
uint32_t m_histrgb_index
uint32_t m_histhsv_index
uint32_t m_bright_pipe
uint32_t m_canny_pipe
uint32_t m_sobel_pipe
uint32_t m_hist_pipe
uint32_t m_img_disp
uint32_t m_canny_disp
uint32_t m_sobel_disp
uint32_t m_histrgb_disp
uint32_t m_histhsv_disp
uint32_t m_input_image
uint32_t m_rgb_image
uint32_t m_hsv_image
uint32_t m_grey_image
uint32_t m_canny_image
uint32_t m_sobel_image
uint32_t m_ptr_count
uint8_t ** m_ptr_array
char ** m_ptr_name_array
int32_t m_bright_stepping
int32_t m_bright_level
histogram_Filter ** m_histograms
phHistogramData ** m_histogram_data
uint32_t m_histogram_bins
double m_width_box
double m_height_box
phPipeline ** m_pipelines
phDisplayInterface ** m_displays
phImage ** m_images
fann_type * m_input_nodes
uint32_t m_input_nodes_size
uint32_t m_input_nodes_count
fann_type * m_output_nodes
uint32_t m_output_nodes_size
uint32_t m_output_nodes_count
float m_image_ratio
int32_t m_training_algorithm
float m_connection_rate
float m_learning_rate
uint32_t m_num_layers
uint32_t m_num_hidden
uint32_t m_num_output
char * m_ann_file
int m_ann_source
fann * m_ann

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