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phCaptureInterface Class Reference
[Phission System]

#include <phCaptureInterface.h>

Inheritance diagram for phCaptureInterface:

phThread phCondition phMutex phObject phImageCapture phAvcodecSource phNetSource phNetSource V4LCapture VFWSource List of all members.

Detailed Description

The phCaptureInterface is the higher level class abstraction for any data capturing thread.

Move setPath, open, close, etc. to phImageCapture;

Rename phCaptureInterface to phSource;

still derive from phThread

Definition at line 46 of file phCaptureInterface.h.

Public Member Functions

 phCaptureInterface ()
virtual ~phCaptureInterface ()
virtual int setPath (const char *path)
virtual const char * getPath ()
virtual int open (char *path=NULL)
virtual int close ()
virtual int isOpen ()
virtual int isCapturing ()
phLiveObjectgetLiveSourceOutput ()
phLiveObjectgetSource ()
phLiveObjectgetOutput ()

Protected Member Functions

int setLiveSourceOutput (phLiveObject *liveSourceOutput)
int setSource (phLiveObject *source)
int setOutput (phLiveObject *output)
virtual int setup ()
virtual int cleanup ()

Protected Attributes

phMutex m_settings_lock

Private Attributes

uint32_t m_path_size
char * m_path

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