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#define phPROGRESS fmt   ) 


            phPRINT( "(pid:%llu|thread:%llu %s:%d @ %s)\t" fmt,\
                    (long long unsigned int)phProcessId(),\
                    (long long unsigned int)phGetCurrentThreadId(), \
                    __PHILE__,__LINE__,function, \
                    ## __VA_ARGS__); \
This is a verbose print macro to instrument progress through the code. The ellipses are the arguments as would be passed to a printf call after the format. In addition to printing the string format and arguments, the macro adds in process id, thread id, file name, line number and function. This can be very useful when performing quick debugging. Also, sometimes one can only debug with the prints when the program behaves differently in a debugger than during normal runtime.

Definition at line 163 of file phPrint.h.

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