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phSystem Class Reference
[Phission SystemThread Safe]

#include <phSystem.h>

Inheritance diagram for phSystem:

phMutex phObject List of all members.

Detailed Description


Definition at line 67 of file phSystem.h.

Public Member Functions

 phSystem ()
 ~phSystem ()
int32_t displaysOpen ()
int32_t displaysActive ()
int32_t pipelinesActive ()
int32_t capturesActive ()
int32_t threadsActive ()
int32_t displayCount ()
int32_t pipelineCount ()
int32_t captureCount ()
int32_t threadCount ()
int setAutoMode (int mode=phAUTO_MODE)
int getAutoMode ()
int addDisplay (phDisplayInterface *display, int autoStart=1)
int addPipeline (phPipeline *pipeline, int autoStart=1)
int addCapture (phCaptureInterface *capture, int autoStart=1)
int addThread (phThread *thread, int autoStart=1)
int add (phObject *obj, int autoStart=1)
int removeDisplay (phDisplayInterface *display, int autoStop=1)
int removePipeline (phPipeline *pipeline, int autoStop=1)
int removeCapture (phCaptureInterface *capture, int autoStop=1)
int removeThread (phThread *thread, int autoStop=1)
int remove (phObject *obj, int autoStop=1)
int removeDisplays ()
int removePipelines ()
int removeCaptures ()
int removeThreads ()
int removeAll ()
int startDisplays ()
int startPipelines ()
int startCaptures ()
int startThreads ()
int startup ()
int haltThreads ()
int haltCaptures ()
int haltPipelines ()
int haltDisplays ()
int halt ()
int stopThreads ()
int stopCaptures ()
int stopPipelines ()
int stopDisplays ()
int shutdown ()

Static Public Member Functions

static int startDisplay (phDisplayInterface *display)
static int startPipeline (phPipeline *pipeline)
static int startCapture (phCaptureInterface *capture)
static int startThread (phThread *thread)
static int haltDisplay (phDisplayInterface *display)
static int haltPipeline (phPipeline *pipeline)
static int haltCapture (phCaptureInterface *capture)
static int haltThread (phThread *thread)
static int stopDisplay (phDisplayInterface *display)
static int stopPipeline (phPipeline *pipeline)
static int stopCapture (phCaptureInterface *capture)
static int stopThread (phThread *thread)

Protected Attributes

int m_use [phSystem_NCOMPONENTS]
int m_active [phSystem_NCOMPONENTS]
phObjectList m_captures
phObjectList m_displays
phObjectList m_pipelines
phObjectList m_threads
int m_is_active
int m_autoMode

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