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phautoblob.h File Reference

Detailed Description


Definition in file phautoblob.h.

#include <stdint.h>
#include <ImageDefinitions.h>

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struct  auto_coord_t
struct  auto_line_s
struct  phautoblob_t
struct  phautoblob_data_t
struct  phautoblob_args_t


#define LAST_UP_VAL   (1)
#define LAST_DOWN_VAL   (3)
#define FIRST_UP_VAL   (4)
#define FIRST_DOWN_VAL   (5)
#define LEFT_VAL   (2)
#define RIGHT_VAL   (0)
#define OPPOSITE_DIR_BIT(dir)   (1<<((dir+2) %4))
#define LAST_UP_PTR(segptr)   (segptr->connection[LAST_UP_VAL])
#define LAST_DOWN_PTR(segptr)   (segptr->connection[LAST_DOWN_VAL])
#define UP_PTR(s)   LAST_UP_PTR(s)
#define DOWN_PTR(s)   LAST_DOWN_PTR(s)
#define FIRST_UP_PTR(segptr)   (segptr->connection[FIRST_UP_VAL])
#define FIRST_DOWN_PTR(segptr)   (segptr->connection[FIRST_DOWN_VAL])
#define LEFT_PTR(segptr)   (segptr->connection[LEFT_VAL])
#define RIGHT_PTR(segptr)   (segptr->connection[RIGHT_VAL])
#define LAST_UP_INDEX(segptr)   (segptr->connection_index[LAST_UP_VAL])
#define LAST_DOWN_INDEX(segptr)   (segptr->connection_index[LAST_DOWN_VAL])
#define UP_INDEX(s)   LAST_UP_INDEX(s)
#define FIRST_UP_INDEX(segptr)   (segptr->connection_index[FIRST_UP_VAL])
#define FIRST_DOWN_INDEX(segptr)   (segptr->connection_index[FIRST_DOWN_VAL])
#define LEFT_INDEX(segptr)   (segptr->connection_index[LEFT_VAL])
#define RIGHT_INDEX(segptr)   (segptr->connection_index[RIGHT_VAL])
#define phBLOB_COLOR   (0)
#define phBLOB_NEIGHBOR   (1)
#define phBLOB_DRAW_ALL   (1<<0)
#define phBLOB_DRAW_INDEX   (1<<1)
#define phBLOB_COLOR_BLACK   (1<<2)


typedef auto_coord_t auto_coord_type
typedef auto_line_s auto_line_segment
typedef phautoblob_t phautoblob
typedef phautoblob_data_t phautoblob_data
typedef phautoblob_args_t phautoblob_args
typedef int32_t(* ph_compare_fn )(void *arr, int32_t i, int32_t j)
typedef int32_t(* ph_swap_fn )(void *arr, int32_t i, int32_t j)


int phautoblob_data_new (phautoblob_data **data)
int phautoblob_data_init (phautoblob_data *data)
int phautoblob_data_reset (phautoblob_data *data)
int phautoblob_data_free (phautoblob_data **data)
int phautoblob_data_copy (phautoblob_data *in, phautoblob_data *out)
int phautoblob_data_relink_line_ptrs (phautoblob_data *data)
int phautoblob_find_line_segments_color (phautoblob_args *args, phautoblob_data *data)
int phautoblob_find_line_segments_neighbor (phautoblob_args *args, phautoblob_data *data)
int phautoblob_link_line_segments (phautoblob_args *args, phautoblob_data *data)
int phautoblob_draw_blob_rects (uint8_t *imgptr, uint32_t width, uint32_t height, uint32_t format, const phColor *color, phautoblob_data *data, int32_t index, uint32_t min_size, uint32_t flag)
int phautoblob_color_lines (uint8_t *imgptr, uint32_t width, uint32_t height, uint32_t format, const phColor *color, phautoblob_data *data, uint32_t blob_min_size, uint32_t index, uint32_t flag)
int phautoblob_create_blobs (uint32_t width, uint32_t height, phautoblob_data *data)
int phautoblob_sort_blobs (phautoblob_data *data)

Copyright (C) 2002 - 2007 Philip D.S. Thoren ( )
University Of Massachusetts at Lowell
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