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void ph_drawline_bresenham phImageSurface s,
phColor  c,
uint8_t  transparency,
int32_t  x1,
int32_t  y1,
int32_t  x2,
int32_t  y2

This draws a line on an image buffer pointed to by s.

[in,out] s The pointer to the image buffer.
[in] w The width of the image data pointed to by s
[in] h The height of the image data pointed to by s
[in] d The depth/number of channels of the image data
[in] c The bytes stored in the phColor variable correspond to some color that will be written onto the image
[in] x1 The starting x coordinate
[in] y1 The starting y coordinate
[in] x2 The ending x coordinate
[in] y2 The ending y coordinate

Definition at line 247 of file ImageGfx.c.

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