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phX11Util.cpp File Reference

#include <phStandard.h>
#include <phImage.h>
#include <phX11Util.h>
#include <X11/Xlib.h>
#include <X11/Xutil.h>
#include <X11/keysym.h>
#include <X11/Xatom.h>
#include <phError.h>
#include <phMemory.h>
#include <phPrint.h>
#include <math.h>

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struct  phX11DisplayInfo_t
struct  phX11EventAtom_t
struct  phX11EventInfo_t
struct  phX11WindowInfo_t
struct  phX11ImageInfo_t


#define USE_SHARED_MEM()   0
#define USE_DGA()   0
#define USE_XV()   0
#define USE_XF86SYNC()   0
#define WARN_UNSUPPORTED()   0
#define ph_X11_REPACK_RGB_IMAGE(image_buffer, cast_t)


typedef phX11DisplayInfo_tphX11DisplayInfo


static void phX11_Align_8bitmask (int32_t *mask, int32_t *shift)
static int phX11_ErrorHandler (Display *display, XErrorEvent *e)
static int phX11_IOHandler (Display *display)
static int phX11Check_XSHM (Display *display)
static int phX11Check_XDBE (Display *display)
static int phX11Check_XV (Display *display)
static int phX11Display_Initialize (phX11DisplayInfo display_info)
static int phX11Display_Deinitialize (phX11DisplayInfo display_info)
static int phX11Display_Initialize (struct phX11DisplayInfo_t *display_info)
static int phX11Display_Deinitialize (struct phX11DisplayInfo_t *display_info)
int phX11EventAtom_Create (const char *name, struct phX11EventAtom_t *event_atom_class, struct phX11WindowInfo_t *window, struct phX11EventAtom_t **pevent_atom)
int phX11EventAtom_Delete (struct phX11EventAtom_t **pevent_atom)
int phX11EventAtom_Equal (struct phX11EventAtom_t *event_atom, phX11EventInfo e)
int phX11EventAtom_BelongsToClass (struct phX11EventAtom_t *event_atom, phX11EventInfo e)
int phX11EventAtom_IsNamed (struct phX11EventAtom_t *event_atom, const char *name)
int phX11Window_Create (phX11SizeInfo size, phX11LocationInfo location, unsigned long border, char *title, struct phX11WindowInfo_t **pwindow)
int phX11Window_Delete (struct phX11WindowInfo_t **pwindow)
static int phX11Window_SendEvent (struct phX11WindowInfo_t *window, XEvent *event)
int phX11Window_SendRedraw (struct phX11WindowInfo_t *window)
int phX11Window_SendUpdate (struct phX11WindowInfo_t *window)
int phX11Window_SendVisible (struct phX11WindowInfo_t *window, int32_t show)
int phX11Window_SendResize (struct phX11WindowInfo_t *window, uint32_t width, uint32_t height)
int phX11Window_SendMove (struct phX11WindowInfo_t *window, int32_t x, int32_t y)
int phX11Window_SendMinSize (struct phX11WindowInfo_t *window, uint32_t min_width, uint32_t min_height)
int phX11Window_SendWakeup (struct phX11WindowInfo_t *window)
int phX11Window_IsOpen (struct phX11WindowInfo_t *window)
int phX11Window_IsVisible (struct phX11WindowInfo_t *window)
int phX11Window_Show (struct phX11WindowInfo_t *window)
int phX11Window_Hide (struct phX11WindowInfo_t *window)
int phX11Window_SetTitle (struct phX11WindowInfo_t *window, const char *title)
int phX11Window_Resize (struct phX11WindowInfo_t *window, uint32_t width, uint32_t height)
int phX11Window_GetSize (struct phX11WindowInfo_t *window, uint32_t *width, uint32_t *height)
int phX11Window_SetMinSize (struct phX11WindowInfo_t *window, uint32_t min_width, uint32_t min_height)
int phX11Window_GetMinSize (struct phX11WindowInfo_t *window, uint32_t *min_width, uint32_t *min_height)
int phX11Window_SetMaxSize (struct phX11WindowInfo_t *window, uint32_t max_width, uint32_t max_height)
int phX11Window_GetMaxSize (struct phX11WindowInfo_t *window, uint32_t *max_width, uint32_t *max_height)
int phX11Window_SetSizeLimits (struct phX11WindowInfo_t *window, uint32_t min_width, uint32_t min_height, uint32_t max_width, uint32_t max_height)
int phX11Window_GetSizeLimits (struct phX11WindowInfo_t *window, uint32_t *min_width, uint32_t *min_height, uint32_t *max_width, uint32_t *max_height)
int phX11Window_Move (struct phX11WindowInfo_t *window, int32_t x, int32_t y)
int phX11Window_TranslateRootCoords (struct phX11WindowInfo_t *window, int32_t x, int32_t y, int32_t *tx, int32_t *ty)
int phX11Window_SetLocation (struct phX11WindowInfo_t *window, int32_t x, int32_t y)
int phX11Window_GetLocation (struct phX11WindowInfo_t *window, int32_t *x, int32_t *y)
phX11EventAtom_tphX11Window_GetEventAtom (struct phX11WindowInfo_t *window, const char *name)
Display * phX11Window_GetDisplay (struct phX11WindowInfo_t *window)
static Window phX11Window_GetBaseWindow (struct phX11WindowInfo_t *window)
uint32_t phX11Window_GetBaseEventMask (struct phX11WindowInfo_t *window)
static Window phX11Window_GetImageWindow (struct phX11WindowInfo_t *window)
uint32_t phX11Window_GetImageEventMask (struct phX11WindowInfo_t *window)
int phX11Window_GetDeleteCmdID (struct phX11WindowInfo_t *window)
int phX11Image_Create (struct phX11WindowInfo_t *window, struct phX11ImageInfo_t **pimage)
int phX11Image_Resize_std (struct phX11ImageInfo_t *image_buffer, uint32_t width, uint32_t height)
int phX11Image_Resize (struct phX11ImageInfo_t *image_buffer, uint32_t width, uint32_t height)
int phX11Image_GetSize (struct phX11ImageInfo_t *image_buffer, uint32_t *width, uint32_t *height)
int phX11Image_Delete (struct phX11WindowInfo_t *window, struct phX11ImageInfo_t **pimage_buffer)
void ph_x11_repack_image_To16Bits (struct phX11ImageInfo_t *image_buffer, uint8_t *imageData)
void ph_x11_repack_image_To32Bits (struct phX11ImageInfo_t *image_buffer, uint8_t *imageData)
phX11EventInfo phX11EventInfo_Create ()
void phX11EventInfo_Destroy (phX11EventInfo event)
void phX11Flush (phX11WindowInfo window)
int phX11Pending (phX11WindowInfo window)
void phX11NextEvent (phX11WindowInfo window, phX11EventInfo event)
int phX11FlushToRecent_BaseWindow (phX11WindowInfo window, int event_id, phX11EventInfo event)
int phX11FlushToRecent_ImageWindow (phX11WindowInfo window, int event_id, phX11EventInfo event)
int phX11Event_FromBaseWindow (phX11WindowInfo window, phX11EventInfo event)
int phX11Event_FromImageWindow (phX11WindowInfo window, phX11EventInfo event)
int phX11Event_GetType (phX11EventInfo event)
void phX11Event_GetXConfigureInfo (phX11EventInfo e, uint32_t *w, uint32_t *h, int32_t *x, int32_t *y, int32_t *send_event)
void phX11Event_GetXClientInfo (phX11EventInfo e, int *format, long *l_0, long *l_1, long *l_2)
int64_t phX11KeycodeToKeysym (phX11WindowInfo window, phX11EventInfo event)
int phX11Image_Put (struct phX11WindowInfo_t *window, struct phX11ImageInfo_t *image_buffer, phImage *image)

Copyright (C) 2002 - 2007 Philip D.S. Thoren ( )
University Of Massachusetts at Lowell
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