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phCondition Class Reference
[Threading and SynchronizationThread Safe]

#include <phCondition.h>

Inheritance diagram for phCondition:

phMutex phObject phConditionCounter phThread phCaptureInterface phClientHandler phClientListener phDisplayInterface phEffectsThread phEffectsThread phEffectsThread phImageWindow phJoystickControl phLinuxJoystick phNetClientRecvThread phNetClientThread phNodeComm phPipeline phPlayerClient phRWLockThread phServerThread phSonarHandler phThreadClassOne phThreadClassThree phThreadClassTwo phWander List of all members.

Detailed Description

This class implements a platform independent condition variable mechanism. Not every platform has it's own implementation and other algorithms were found to create condition variables where they aren't natively supported. These algorithms use a combination of mutexes and semaphores to emulate the behavior of condition variables. While it might seem straight forward to use the algorithms, it required a bit of work. The implemented algorithm using Win32 API and using the Phission API for the Blackfin was derived from:

Definition at line 73 of file phCondition.h.

Public Member Functions

 phCondition ()
virtual ~phCondition ()
int broadcast ()
int signal ()
int timedWait (const int sec, const int nsec)
int signalWait ()

Protected Attributes

ph_condition_info m_info
phMutex m_info_lock

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