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Phission :: Concurrent Vision Processing System


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What is Phission?

Phission is a toolkit being developed to facilitate concurrent vision processing within the scope of a single process. Phission is designed to be as flexible as possible for designing and implementing basic vision processing applications. It is meant for mobile robotic applications but is not limited to that application.

Why Concurrent and not Real-time?

Concurrent better reflects the purpose and design of the Phission system. The real-time performance is more of a very, very soft real-time system. I felt a real-time classification might misrepresent the system & code in favor of making Phission sound super fast when it's only very fast. The concurrency still makes the best use of available computing resources as it can and changing from a Real-time label to Concurrent doesn't change how powerful Phission still remains.

Web Site Disclaimer

This site is a work in progress. Getting this information online in an unfinished state should help in your developing of applications that use Phission. Let me know of any problems by emailing me: Philip D.S. Thoren ( ).




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